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Post Graduate Students

These are courses available to students who wish to pursue further studies after successfully completing a degree with a college or university. Almost all of the bachelor degrees awarded in the Philippines, China, and India are accredited in the UK and other Commonwealth countries, and so these provide access to Post Graduate degree courses. Holding a Masters degree or a PhD certainly enhances anyone's future career prospects. Popular courses include MBA Masters of Business Administration, Master in Accounting and Finance, Masters of Engineering, Masters in Nursing Management, Masters of Arts, Law and many more. Contact your local UKCES educational counsellor today to find out more about the various Post Graduate courses that are right for you.


These are courses open to students from High School, who wish to study for a Bachelors degree abroad, as a way of enhancing their future career prospects. Available Undergraduate courses include Business Administration, Health, Education, Information Technology, Social Sciences, Arts, Applied Sciences, Accounting and Finance, and many more. Contact your local UKCES educational counsellor today to find out more about the various Undergraduate courses that are right for you.

Services Offered By UKCES

UKCES is comprised of high calibre educational counsellors and advisors who have a vast knowledge and experience of international education, and our services include individually tailored advice on all aspects of education and future careers. UKCES will be with you all the way, looking after your interests and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your educational experience.

  • Career Counselling - the guidance that we provide takes into account your current academic and career background, life and financial circumstances, and most importantly your ambitions. We want you to achieve your maximum potential, and will help by exploring all of the different opportunities that are available to you.
  • University & Country Selection - after an initial session which allows us to learn more about your background and academic qualifications, we are able to provide advice on the countries and universities that match your requirements. We provide information on the choices, but the final decision is yours.
  • Application Process - once you have decided where you would like to study, we assist with the completion of application forms and provide guidance on other documents such as Statements of Purpose. Our service includes the submission of Letters of Recommendation to universities, highlighting your strengths and the reasons why you would be an ideal candidate for your chosen course. Once the application has been submitted, we will then liaise closely with the university to try to ensure that it is successful. UKCES will normally submit applications to two or three universities on your behalf, to maximise the options available to you.
  • Financial Assistance - we are able to provide personal counselling on ways of financing your overseas education, and can make enquires to see if you qualify for either a full or partial scholarship, which if successful can obviously make a great difference. UKCES can also assist you in obtaining any necessary loans, as we are partners with many banks and other large financial institutions.
  • Visa Applications - we can advise you on the visa requirements for the different countries, guiding you through the application process and checking your documentation before it is submitted to ensure that you will be successful.
  • Pre Departure Briefing - as part of our service we will provide you with a briefing before you travel abroad, giving you a good insight into the life that you can expect in your chosen country. We will be there to support you through the first few months until you have settled in, addressing any concerns that you may have, and if necessary advising on how to obtain part time work.
  • Travel Arrangements - we are always happy to help with booking flights and other important matters, such as opening a bank account, arranging insurance, obtaining a mobile phone, and completing health and other government registrations in your destination country.
  • Airport Pick Up - when you reach your destination we can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation. To UKCES your safety is a top priority.
  • Accommodation and Part Time Work Opportunities - we can advise on the accommodation options available to you, including both on and off campus, and those owned and managed by universities or private individuals / companies, helping to choose the most suitable match for your personal circumstances. We can also advise on suitable part time work opportunities that are available to both undergraduate and post-graduate students.
  • Long Term Support - we will be there to support you both during your studies and after graduation. UKCES have offices and partners based overseas to ensure that your education is both enjoyable and successful, and after graduation we are also able to provide advice on your chosen career path.

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